SEASONAL Mulling Spice

SEASONAL Mulling Spice


Spices from Partner Farms | 90g

Ingredients: green cardamom, pemba cloves, ceylon cinnamon, elephant ginger, zanzibar peppercorns |

Mulling spices have a long and rich history which originates from a drinking ritual termed “wassailing,” a ceremony to bestow good fortune on the next season harvest. The spices in this blend provide a warm, rich and aromatic experience. Each spice was carefully selected for this Seasonal Mulling Blend, and are sourced directly from smallholder farms.

Tasting Notes + Use

Reminiscent of pine, this warming blend is infused with a slight heat complemented by a raw honey sweetness. Perfect for mulling wine, cider and beer or simply enjoy as an infusion. Use 2 tablespoons of spices to 1 lire of liquid.