Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers


Harvested in Flatbush, Alberta | 22g

Ingredients: calendula, red clover, dandelion blossoms | free of pesticides + organic

These flowers are sourced in Alberta from a second generation small family farm that strives for organic stewardship of the land in harmony with the forest around them. They specialize in growing and wildcrafting herbal and culinary botanicals that are rich in natural colour and fragrance. Proud of quality and their harvesting practices, only herbs grown in their garden or ethically wildcrafted from the Boreal forest are available.

Tasting Notes + Use

A mild peppery bitterness with undertones of sweet honey. Reminiscent of dried sweet grass that is complemented by a subtle spicy aroma. Garnish any meal or dessert and infuse oils, vinegar, honey or syrup with beautiful colour and subtle flavour.

*illustrations commissioned: LEO.