Coffee Bundle

Coffee Bundle


We've partnered up with a local Edmonton-based roaster to bring this awesome coffee bundle to you. Roasti's notes of chocolate, toffee and fruit pair perfectly with the earthy tones of this botanical blend. 


Chaga: Our chaga has gone through a dual extraction process to make sure you get the most out of this superfood mushroom. Extractions occur both through a steam and alcohol process to pull out all the beneficial constituents of chaga.

A powerful antioxidant and dense source of pantothenic acid, this mushroom is suggested to support adrenal glands, digestive organs and block against oxidation from free radicals, preventing tissue damage. 

Maca: Acting as a natural antioxidant while boosting levels of glutathione, maca is the perfect supporting herb to this blend. Naturally known to be high in vitamins and minerals, with an inherent sweetness (without the sugar), this botanical provides a gentle flavor profile to your coffee.

Carob: The cherry on top for this blend, carob is known for its antioxidant profile and digestive aid and with a great earthy flavor it will certainly complement your brew.  

*organic & ethically sourced