Cinnamon Verum

Cinnamon Verum


Harvested in Zanzibar Archipelago, Tanzania | 100g EU Certified Organic

Our cinnamon is from the variety otherwise known as Ceylon or True Cinnamon and is grown by a cooperative of smallholder farmers on the Zanzibar Islands, located off the coast of Tanzania, in the Indian Ocean. It grows on the steep hillsides rising above the beach, thriving in the hot sun, salty breeze and sandy soil, a terroir that contributes to a subtle, smooth flavor..The cinnamon is hand-cut and then sun-dried to order throughout the year to ensure the freshest flavour. This cooperative has been growing and harvesting cinnamon and other spices for generations.

Tasting Notes + Use

Bright and sweet, with notes of pine, citrus peel and sea salt. Ground from older branches, undertones of rich, oaky molasses are complemented by forward sweetness. Wonderful in both savory and sweet dishes.

Ingredients: 100% True Cinnamon Bark (Cinnamomum verum)