Ayurvedic Turmeric

Ayurvedic Turmeric


Harvested in Karnataka, India | 120g

Grown organically, this turmeric is sourced from a small farm in Karnataka, a south western region of India. The leaves from the turmeric plant are mulched and placed back onto the fields to help regenerate the soil. The farm is also intercropped with sugarcane and irrigated using a special conservation method to improve water usage in the field.

The partner’s farmers father was an Ayurvedic physician and has incorporated principles of Ayurveda into the cultivation techniques & post-harvest processing, including a hot water wash to protect the curcumin content. Hand harvested, sun dried, and ground fresh.

Tasting Notes + Use

Sweet and floral in flavour, complemented by a hint of jasmine and honey without the metallic bitterness typically found in other turmeric. Perfect for sweet and savoury uses.

Ingredients: 100% ground turmeric (Curcuma longa)