06 Botanicals For Lust

06 Botanicals For Lust


Create delectable desserts, hot chocolate or infuse warm honey with ½ - 1t, creating a gentle influence on your sensuality. The botanicals focus on promoting sexual function of both men and women, boosting libido, increasing circulation and sustaining endurance, while enveloping all your senses.

Ingredients: maca*, cacao*, cayenne* | 45g

*organic & ethically sourced

Maca: A root vegetable, maca thrives in the farmlands of the central Andes and was traditionally cooked as a root vegetable or made into flour, for strength and energy. 

Maca is considered an adaptogen or stress-adaptor, helping the body adapt to environmental factors and is also believed to promote sexual health for both men and women by balancing hormones, through the unique macamides and macaenes.

Cacao: Aztecs and Mayans considered cacao to be the drink of the God’s, as believed to be high in antioxidants and heart healthy fats, cacao is calming to hormones, restores feelings of well-being and can be considered a slight aphrodisiac.

Cayenne: A little bit of this herb can go a long way, both in flavor and function. Considered circulatory stimulant, cayenne increases blood flow to the extremities and may improve the absorption and circulation of other herbs throughout the body. The body welcomes the subtle heat of this herb.

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