05 Botanicals For Focus

05 Botanicals For Focus


Enjoy the smoothest cup of matcha perfectly complemented in both flavor and function. Create a morning or afternoon ritual with a cup of hot water or froth to perfection with your favourite milk. Using only the highest quality ingredients, ceremonial-grade matcha was the only option for this blend, sourced from Japan.

Ingredients: ceremonial matcha*, lotus pollen*, D.E lions mane* | 45g

*organic & ethically sourced

Matcha: When ready, the finest tea buds are hand-picked, veins and stems removed and created into a finely ground powder. Considered a precious beverage, Matcha is praised for it’s calm energy, balancing a harmonious matrix of caffeine and amino acids, in particular L-Theanine. The cultural Matcha tea ceremony celebrates the beauty in simplicity, and provides a space to bring you into the here and now.

Lions Mane: A large body of research suggests that this powerhouse mushroom supports memory and cognition. On top of that, we have chosen to use a dual-extracted powder, which has extracted both the active water and fat-soluble constituents, making it easier for your body to utilize.  

Lotus Pollen: Created from the essence and pollen collected from the center of the Sacred Lotus Flower, lotus pollen complements the smooth aroma of Matcha with the subtle sweet vanilla flavor. High in adaptogens and signifying purity and mental focus, the lotus is an ancient Buddhist symbol of awakening.

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