03 Botanicals For Recovery

03 Botanicals For Recovery


A nourishing come down and recovery for your body after you have exerted yourself, simply add of ½ to 1t to any post-activity food or beverage.

Enjoy in a cup of a hot water, a smoothie or add to your favorite dinner dish, these botanicals provide a mild influence on the body to aid in general recovery, with a focus on anti-inflammatory support. 

Ingredients: turmeric*, true cinnamon*, pine pollen* | 45g

*organic & ethically sourced

Turmeric: As a primary anti-inflammatory herb, the principal component, curcumin is known as a powerful and rich compound. Turmeric provides aid to the body post-workout by supporting and preventing further cellular damage via oxidation.

The recovery blend can also be considered of benefit during other times of stress on the body when promotion of healthy intestinal flora or remedy for cold and throat irritations is needed.

True Cinnamon: Compared to cassia cinnamon, this true cinnamon variety is considered sweeter in taste and contains less coumarins, which in large doses is not of benefit to the body. 

Well-rounded, cinnamon may be soothing to the stomach and activating to the blood; a complimentary balance of being both a demulcent (to relieve irritation) and warming botanical.

Pine Pollen: Wild crafted through sustainable practices, the pollen is processed at low temperatures to maximize potency and increase digestibility. As an adaptogenic herb with a variety of bioactive nutrients, it is a powerful superfood with a strong history of use. Mild in taste and function, it is slightly sweet and has a gentle influence.

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