02 Botanicals For Endurance

02 Botanicals For Endurance


Whether it be a spin class or a cross country ski, enjoy ½ - 1t prior to any activity in your pre-workout foods.

Particularly delicious in a greens smoothie or superfood-dense power bites, these botanicals provide your body with the ability to resist, withstand and push itself through any activity.

Ingredients: cordyceps*, ginger*, mesquite* | 45g

*organic & ethically sourced

Cordyceps: Known to boost performance and increase endurance, this mushroom provides functions by increasing the amount of oxygen uptake in the body and enhancing energy production, providing for that extra push of energy.

Known to act as a mild stimulant, with adaptogenic properties, cordyceps is suggested to fight stress and fatigue and naturally increase energy levels. This natural increase in energy levels is supported by the ability of this mushroom to aid the supply of ATP in the body, your source of energy during exercise.

Ginger: Acting with anti-inflammatory properties and known to support the circulatory system, ginger supports the functions of cordyceps prior to any activity. Also considered a digestive aid, this is a great blend to support the body prior to heavier meals. The addition of ginger provides a subtle flavour enhancement to this blend and a welcoming warming taste.

Mesquite: With a sweet but nutty taste, the subtle addition of mesquite to this blend goes great with many foods and beverages. Shown to be quite nutrient dense and high in antioxidants, traditionally known to cleanse the blood of impurities and may stabilize blood sugar.

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