At Herbologie, we promise to always prioritize transparency, education and ethical sourcing. We are focussed on building a deeper understanding and connection to our food; acknowledging the farmers, the land and the origins of spices and herbs. We want you to experience spices; their flavour, their wellness and their story.  



Chartered Herbalist + Founder

As the founder of Herbologie and main curator of all products and recipes, it is important to me to share the intent & simplicity of botanicals as an easy addition to any lifestyle.   


Photographer + Taste Tester

As the brains and creative behind the photography, builder of market displays and the main taste tester for Aga’s creations, Will helps make Herbologie look and taste good. 



Our food. our wellbeing. our community.

From the individual spices to our blends, each one is carefully crafted for the best quality and flavour in mind. We acknowledge the farmers, the land and the origins of which all spices and herbs come from to provide you with the opportunity of complementing your home with exceptional ingredients. Herbologie is building a deeper understanding and connection to our food and is empowering the choice towards sustainable products.  

The “a-ha” moment(S).

To be honest, there isn’t an exact moment that defined Herbologie for me, but several insights throughout my life that have brought this company to fruition. These moments continue to inspire, challenge and evolve my intention to ensure we continue to be better people for both our company and our environment. 

We are inspired by the origins of spices and herbs, fellow herbalists from across the globe and our own use of botanicals to complement our active outdoor lifestyle. From the individual spices and herbs to the botanical blends, every decision Herbologie makes is to provide you with socially responsible, high quality ingredients and products that you can enjoy everyday. We work with ethical wholesalers, direct farm trades and cooperatives and wild harvesting practitioners where possible. With forward thinking and conscious consumers, we strive to rethink the traceability of our ingredients and value quality not at the expense of others.  

Botanicals for life. Crafted in Edmonton.