The duo behind herbologie!

We are avid outdoor enthusiasts with an active lifestyle, spending majority of our time enjoying the open air. This is what sparked the need for Herbologie in our household and now we want to share the botanical benefits with you!



Chartered Herbalist + Founder

As the founder of Herbologie and main curator of all products and recipes, it is important to me to share the intent & simplicity of herbalism as an easy addition to any lifestyle.   


Photographer + Taste Tester

As the brains and creative behind the photography, builder of market displays and the main taste tester for Aga’s creations, Will helps make Herbologie look and taste good. 



Each product is tried and true.

From the blends to our kits, each one is used by us, at home, every day. Herbologie filled a gap in our kitchen and lifestyle and now we want to bring these tasty products into your homes.

The “a-ha” moment(S).

To be honest, there isn’t an exact moment that defined Herbologie for me, but several insights throughout my life that have brought this company to fruition. 

With my main inspirations coming from the outdoors, fellow herbalists and the origins of botanical use, Herbologie’s purpose is to provide you with simple and effective products. From complementing your morning brew to boosting your smoothie, our blends serve to be functional, educational and flavorful. I believe we are unique in that only certified herbalists craft our blends and honestly stand behind the products using every blend daily in our homes. Tried and true. 

Botanicals for life. Crafted in Edmonton.